Safeguarding the Renewable Energy Journey
Posted to News on 21st May 2024, 09:30

Safeguarding the Renewable Energy Journey

When designing critical energy infrastructure, access hardware is a key consideration. Products chosen to secure doors, seal panels and position access points can influence the overall performance, security, and usability of an application. Southco solves crucial design challenges right across the energy journey.

Safeguarding the Renewable Energy Journey

Durable and intuitive equipment is required at every stage of the energy journey, from collection, to storage, distribution and re-use. Southco meets these needs with a wide variety of mechanical and electronic hardware solutions designed for all size applications and environments, tested and proven in industries around the world.

For example, wind turbines used to collect energy may be remote or susceptible to harsh environments. Southco helps to secure these applications with rotary latches that minimise vandalism pry points, compression latches that are compliant and long lasting, gaskets which maximise insulation and sealing, and counter-balance hinges which are easy to reposition and remove.

Energy storage systems should be secure, well-sealed and safe to maintain, whatever their size or environment. Southco supplies removable hinges that are easy to reposition and remove, swing handles which can contain fire and explosion, rods which are compliant and long-lasting, and gaskets that maximise insulation and sealing.

Energy distribution applications include electric vehicle (EV) charging units, which can be situated in busy or built-up areas and which are used frequently. Application safety, security and durability are paramount. Southco supplies removable hinges which are reliable even in harsh weather, swinghandles which maximise insulation and sealing, compression latches which are compliant and long lasting, and gaskets that reduce vibration and noise.

Next generation heat pumps are essential for efficient energy usage, both domestically and in industry. Applications should be reliable, safe, and discreet, which Southco assures through push-to-close latches with a concealed design, torque hinges that are easy to reposition and remove, quick access fasteners that reduce vibration and noise, and cam latches that ensure reliability in harsh weather conditions.

Whatever stage of the energy journey your equipment is supporting, Southco offers expert advice and trusted access hardware solutions, helping you to avoid risk and confidently enhance your overall design.


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