Delta unveils cobots ideal for welding applications
Posted to News on 14th May 2024, 09:40

Delta unveils cobots ideal for welding applications

Delta says its new D-Bot series of collaborative robots will be ideally suited for welding applications. The company says the launch marks a significant milestone in its development of smart manufacturing solutions.

Delta unveils cobots ideal for welding applications

The portfolio features Cobots with payload capacities up to 30 kg, reach spans up to 1800 mm, compatibility with EtherCAT, Modbus and CODESYS, as well as the integration of 24-bit encoders to ensure optimal levels of precision, especially in pick and place, welding and palletising applications.

"In the field of mechanical engineering and automation technology, collaborative robotics represents one of the fastest-growing sectors," explains Michael Mayer-Rosa, Senior Director of the Industrial Automation Business Group at Delta Electronics. "Market researchers from Interact Analysis predict an annual growth rate of around 20 percent by 2032. We aim to meet this demand with our D-Bot series Cobots, thereby assisting our customers in optimising their production processes, enhancing manufacturing efficiency, and mitigating labour shortages in many industries.

"Having succeeded for many years as a provider of robotics and automation technology components, we are exceptionally well-positioned to make significant achievements in this area as well."

A full range of versatile models

The D-Bot series includes six versatile models: D-Bot 6, D-Bot 8, D-Bot 10, D-Bot 16, D-Bot 20, and D-Bot 30, with payload capacities ranging from 6 to 30 kg. Featuring six axes for unmatched flexibility and precision, these models offer speeds up to 200 degrees per second and accuracy within +/-0.02mm. Their reach spans 800 to 1800 mm, suited for diverse operational demands. The integration of 24-bit encoders enhances precision, ensuring consistent performance.

Delta's D-Bot series, designed with IP66 protection and advanced safety protocols, promise a secure and efficient workspace. Supporting interfaces like EtherCAT, Modbus and CODESYS, these cobots are said to be perfect for a range of tasks, including palletising, pick and place, welding and more.

With plug and play setup and intuitive programming via a user-friendly interface, the D-Bot series are accessible to operators of all skill levels, promoting human-robot collaboration in sectors such as automotive, logistics and electronics.

Rapid deployment and easy operation

Delta's D-Bot series are designed for rapid deployment, requiring no special programming skills, making them operational in no time. Thanks to its plug and play feature, setting up movements and command executions is effortlessly achieved. Furthermore, the system facilitates teaching through drag and drop, Python, ROS 1, or C++, ensuring a simple and flexible operation.

The modern graphical user interface (GUI), featuring immersive 3D visualization, allows users of all levels to quickly program. The inclusion of an HMI panel in the package eliminates the need for additional devices or tools for control, streamlining the operation process even further.

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